Art as Freedom Foundation


Mission and goals

Art as Freedom Foundation, established in spring 2021, is a non-profit institution active in the fields of culture, art and fashion. The mission of the Foundation is to create a cultural space by presenting interesting and innovative art and design projects, as well as to enable artists to expand their talents and provide development for the Foundation’s charges.

The founders know how much beauty and truth that culture, art and fashion carry in today’s world is needed. However, they are also aware that many talented artists have to struggle to bring their work to a wider audience in order to communicate the values it contains.

The foundation was created out of a desire to support young, talented artists who have something to say to the world. The founders know how powerful a medium culture, art and fashion are, which act directly on our senses and feelings, so they want to promote “art as freedom” – that which reminds us of important truths, clarifies reality, stimulates thought or simply brings into our lives the beauty and peace we so desperately need.

Founders and Board

Magdalena Milejska



Mateusz Sus

Vice President


Art as Freedom Foundation

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